The Wandering Bard

Aelerich heads back to Bree on his new Cremello steed. Though dark clouds were looming overhead, he hoped he wouldn’t run into bad weather for his trip.


Well, he made it to Bree, but not before it started pouring down rain. At least he found a stable for his horse, but now, to find a room for himself…


“Hey buddy, know where I can get a room?” Aelerich was pretty frustrated when the local replied “nope” without taking his eyes off his whittling.


Aelerich was getting pretty desperate, but not desperate enough to “do a favor for Sharkey” as “payment” for a night’s stay at this local’s abode.


Time for Aelerich to warm up in front of the fire at the Prancing Pony.


As he gazed into the fire, he wondered what he was going to do for a room. Then he got an idea…


Aelerich asks the Pony’s local entertainment for advice, and was delighted to hear the musician’s reply: “Ah, ’tis miserable weather out there! I’ll fix you up here at the Pony… musicians are always welcome here!”


“The Prancing Pony is always welcome to musicians…” Aelerich muttered under his breath as he stared up at the cobweb-riddled ceiling of the cellar. He just hoped the other “residents” of the cellar were as exhausted as he was. With thoughts of a cozy bed by a warm fire, Aelerich fell asleep and dreamed about his days long past with his beloved Celwynn.

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Wandering Bard, Navy Dye
: Scholar’s Vestments, GreyDye
Hands: Thick Cotten Gloves, Black Dye
Feet: Soft Leather Boots, Black Dye
Back: Ceremonial Cloak of the West Tower, Grey Dye


The Rural Constable

Watching over a small rural town is challenging… it can be difficult to remain vigilant when the town is relatively undisturbed.


The Constable notices mischief across the town center.


The Constable drags the delinquent burglar into the local tavern to give him a lecture.


After correcting the young delinquent, the Constable eats a modest meal and reflects on his vocation, acknowledging that battles both big and small are worth fighting…


Head: Adventurer’s Hat, Black Dye
Shoulders: Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothslayer, Umber Dye
: Breatplate of Loyalty, Black Dye
Hands: Ornate Gauntlets of the Dunland Swordsman, Rust Dye
Legs: Resilient Trousers, Black Dye
Feet: Boots of the Eorlingas
Back: Cloak of the Grey Company, Sienna Dye

Searching for Answers

While investigating the tombs under the Forsaken Inn, Archaeologist Kyleigh found some ancient runes which bore the crest of her family. The problem is that the runes also speak of an ancient darkness, and how these tombs are reserved for those who embraced it.


“Now why would our crest be emblazoned on these runes? Maybe I made a mistake in translation… Hopefully I have made a mistake…”


Determined to find the history of the ancient runes, Kyleigh asks around the local settlements to see if anyone had heard about them. Most of the locals would hurry away after hearing Kyleigh’s story. Only one would speak to her, and even then, Kyleigh could see the woman was strained. She provided directions to an apparently unmarked grave, and then turned on her heals and walked away before Kyleigh could ask any more questions.


Kyleigh readies her pick to excavate for possible answers that may help her understand her family’s mysterious past. She didn’t understand the relevance of being sent to dig up an unmarked grave, but she was about to find out…


Head: Adventurer’s Hat, Sienna Dye
Shoulders: Threadbare Cloth Shoulderpads, Sienna Dye
: Thornley’s Robe, Rose Dye
Hands: Gloves of Fem, Sienna Dye
Feet: Brushed Leather Boots, Sienna Dye
Rune-Satchel: Basic Rune-Satchel of Dagor, Rose Dye

Winter Warmth

Ceanna looks around for the dwarves to warn them of the impending blizzard that is about to arrive.


Ceanna’s search takes her to Gondamon.


The snow starts to come down harder, so she gives up and starts thinking about heading back to Thorin’s Hall.


The snow comes faster than she expects, and the intrepid adventurer needs to find her horse and head home quickly.


Her horse isn’t thrilled with the weather either, though the Lossoth breed has exceptionally long hair to deal with the cold.


Back at her home, Ceanna tried to thaw out in front of the fire. She hopes all of the dwarves were able to find shelter in time…


Shoulders: Hill-man’s Cracked Leather Shoulder-Guards, White dye 
: Reinforced Leather Dunlending Jacket , White dye
Hands: Ornate Gauntlets of the Dunland Swordsman, Washed
Feet: Ajokoira Shoes, Navy dye
Back: Fancy Snow-Cloak, Navy dye


Gweleth has mastered the fine art of runic studies, but she seeks power beyond that which she understands. After being courted by a traveler who said he was from Imlad Morgul, she was fascinated by his stories of communing with the craven, thus providing Sight that was available only to an elite few. Here, Gweleth performing a ritual dance to attract the craven, and she believes she has received a vision.


After receiving her “vision”, Gweleth tries to persuade the locals of Esteldin to follow her into Angmar to embrace a “true vocation” in the perfection of both physical might and tactical power.


Some of the locals don’t care for Gweleth’s message, and they try to run her out of the settlement. She tries to soothe them by telling them it was just an innocent misunderstanding, and that they could form a strong army in Angmar under her direction simply for the benefit of the free peoples.


After the unfortunate failure to rally the troops at Esteldin, Gweleth believes that a more subtle plan would work to recruit people to her cause. She learns how to create dark runes, a practice which was somehow connected to the avatars of ancient evil. She tried to calm her own misgivings about the source of the runic black arts by telling herself they would bring peace and prosperity to the free peoples if used properly. And to her, that’s all that mattered. And now to find someone to guide her…


There was something about being in the presence of Sauramon that made Gweleth go weak in the knees. Was it awe? Or pure dread? She could not tell. All she knew was that she was being sent on a personal mission for the wise majar…


Racing to the lone lands, Gweleth could feel the adrenalin pulse through her body. She never felt more important in her life…

Head: Scout’s Weathered Leather Helmet, Washed
Shoulders: Gleaming Shoulders of Might, Black Dye
: High Herald’s Armour, White Dye
Hands: Elegant Silk Gloves, White Dye
Legs: Embroidered Silk Leggings, White Dye
Feet: Elven Leather Boots, Black Dye
Back: Reveller’s Gilded Cloak , Black Dye

Assassin’s Creed

Morgana was strolling down Bree’s main street when she overheard an argument between a citizen and a prisoner. She didn’t quite catch all of the conversation, but it was something about a farm burning down…

Morgana listens intently as the prisoner claims his innocence.

Morgana couldn’t believe that the prisoner was being held with no physical evidence. The prison guard seemed uninterested in Morgana’s dismay, and she advised her to go speak to the mayor about it.

After the mayor told Morgana that evidence wasn’t needed when the witness was an upstanding citizen, she gave him a lecture. There wasn’t even a real witness, apparently… the prisoner just happened to be passing through, and he did say he saw smoke coming from the woman’s farm…

Believing the politicians are no help, Morgana decides to take matters into her own hands to gain justice for both the prisoner and the farmer — by finding the true arsonist! The vigilante sets out on her mission. First, she finds tracks by the burnt down farm.

She knows what kindof tracks those are… goblins! She stills herself and closes her eyes, listening in the night for her prey…

Morgana hears the eerie sounds of celebrating goblins in the distance. She readies for battle!

Morgana finds the leader and knows she only has one shot… and she takes it!

The goblin leader falls with a swift arrow from Morgana’s bow, but now a mob of angry goblins start racing toward her! It’s time to disappear…

Morgana’s steed of the gloaming quietly gallops away into the darkness of the forest before the goblins ever caught even a glimpse of them. Her victory was bittersweet, for though she had taken care of the leader (for now), she knew another will take his place. The question still burned in Morgana’s mind… why would they burn down a farm of a common ordinary citizen? She had the feeling this battle was not really over…

Head: Worn Ranger’s Hood, Black Dye
Shoulders: Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer, Black Dye
:Enduring Jacket of Protection, Black Dye
Hands: Cerygaim, Black Dye
Legs: Leggings of Tharbad, Black Dye
Feet: Soft Leather Boots, Black Dye
Back: Cloak of the Grey Company, Black Dye

Strength and Diplomacy

Caelean, about to leave for a diplomatic mission in the north, took a little time to enjoy the fresh air of her Bree-land neighborhood. This was going to be a complicated mission, but she decided to put off thinking about it for now.


She always liked the waterfall that was a short distance from her house. In fact, she enjoyed waking up to the sounds of the falling waters splashing into the otherwise-calm waterhole.


The sun was going down, and it was getting late. She couldn’t put off the trip any longer. Neither could she put off thinking about her mission. “Why would the Lossoth mistrust us so badly? What did we do?”


Caelean started to focus on the task at hand, which became easier after mounting up onto her steed. The horse was adorned with the special-issue ceremonial armour signifying a diplomatic representative of the Stangard armies. She was proud to be selected for this assignment, albeit tempered by waves of apprehension because so much was at stake.


Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted. The magnificent horse must have sensed his rider’s apprehension, because he started acting up for no apparent reason.


Caelean may not be used to wearing metallic armour just yet, but she was an expert at horsemanship. She brought the steed under control relatively quickly and made her way out of the neighborhood, then started heading on the long journey north.


So, she didn’t realize Forochel was THAT far north. Caelean certainly didn’t dress for the occasion…


Caelean was further unprepared to deal with the extent of the apparent pervasive suspicion of the Lossoth peoples. After discussing it with the guard, she found out why: They heard reports of dark magics being practiced from within Rhovonian, and they thought the Rohirrim were embracing them! After an extended dialogue with the guard, she managed to convince him that they too were fighting the leaders of the practicers of this ancient evil, and he finally let her through.


Wasting no time, she rushes up the stairs to the leader of the Lossoth. The door guard yelled “Let her through!”, or she would’ve no doubt been tackled before she hit the first step.


Caelean explains the whole misunderstanding to the Lossoth leader, then tries to persuade him to assist the armies of the Stangard in the fight against Sarumon. The leader seemed to be staring coldly at Caelean while she explained the whole story, but at the end, he did not hesitate to commit to the cause.


Before making the long journey home, the exhausted Caelean breathes a sigh of relief, and closes her eyes to meditate briefly. She could hear the soft whispering of the wind as it passed over the snow-covered lands, smell the cold crisp air with just a hint of shore life, feel the bitter cold of the metal armour against her skin, in contrast to the warm glow in her heart. It was a close call, but she managed to prevent a disaster with the Lossoth people. They showed trust in her, and thus in her people. And right now, Stangard could use all the friends they could get….

Head: Helm of the Eastemnet
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Eastemnet
: Hauberk of the Westfold
Hands: Gauntlets of the Eastemnet
Feet: Boots of the Eastemnet
Back: Cloak of the Westfold

Citizen Aelerich

Aelerich sheds his Captain uniform for civilian clothing after he decides to abandon his ambitions in hopes of regaining favour of his beloved.


“I’ve made my decision, and there is no looking back! I will find her!”


Since Aelerich had to surrender his Captain’s steed, he runs to the hometown of his beloved to seek her out.


Hearing that his beloved has taken up arms to fight in the dangerous Dunlands, the pensive Aelerich must find passage to that distant land. It will take time, but he must find her, no matter how long it takes…


Shoulders: Shoulders of the Helmingas
: Threadbare Cloth Shirt, White Dye
Hands: Gloves of the Eorlingas
Legs: Rough cloth leggings, Washed
Feet: Boots of the Eorlingas
Back: Cloak of the Helmingas