Warrior of the North

Hoth is a proud warrior of the Lossoth. No longer is he “Gendald of Dale”… he was bestowed a Lossoth name upon acceptance into the Leijona-heimo, the Lion Tribe.


Hoth gazed out over the Ice Bay from Suri-Kyla, and he noticed some disturbing pillars of smoke.


He spoke with Ranger Lothrandir, who was also disturbed by the sight. Hoth decided to go check it out.


Hoth dons his sword and shield and prepares to leave Suri-Kyla.


On his mighty warhorse provided to him by the Rohirrim, he canters gently over the ice.


At last he found the source of the smoke… Gauredain conducting some form of Angmarim-like rituals. “But why would they do that….” No time to think about it, because the Gauredain noticed Hoth and started coming after him. He would have to investigate the rituals later… for now, he simply hoped the battle would be exciting enough for a good campfire story.

Head: Helm of the Graduate, Washed
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the learned master,  Ranger Green dye
Chest: Scout’s weathered leather Jacket, Navy dye
Hands: Enduring gauntlets of rallying, Ranger Green dye
Feet: Fine grey company boots, Ranger Green dye
Back: Cloak of the Grey Company, Navy Dye


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