Winter Warmth

Ceanna looks around for the dwarves to warn them of the impending blizzard that is about to arrive.


Ceanna’s search takes her to Gondamon.


The snow starts to come down harder, so she gives up and starts thinking about heading back to Thorin’s Hall.


The snow comes faster than she expects, and the intrepid adventurer needs to find her horse and head home quickly.


Her horse isn’t thrilled with the weather either, though the Lossoth breed has exceptionally long hair to deal with the cold.


Back at her home, Ceanna tried to thaw out in front of the fire. She hopes all of the dwarves were able to find shelter in time…


Shoulders: Hill-man’s Cracked Leather Shoulder-Guards, White dye 
: Reinforced Leather Dunlending Jacket , White dye
Hands: Ornate Gauntlets of the Dunland Swordsman, Washed
Feet: Ajokoira Shoes, Navy dye
Back: Fancy Snow-Cloak, Navy dye


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