Don’t quit your day job

Barliman tried to encourage his friend Aelerich to try a vocation as a minstrel, but he wasn’t so sure about this. He felt too conspicuous in the bright-colored outfit. But, his friend told him that if he wanted to succeed at winning Celwynn back, this was the way to go. “Women love a guy who sings.  Don’t ask me why,” the bartender mused with a grunt.  And of course, if he was going to convince anyone he was a minstrel-in-training, he had to dress the part…


The barkeep tried to convince Aelerich that the best audience to please is a bunch of ale-happy hobbits. And it just so happens that there was a big festival in the Shire. “Fake it till you make it, he says…” The reluctant Aelerich never quite came to a decision… he simply resolved to go to the Shire to check things out.


Once in the Shire, Aelerich tried asking a local about the Festival at the Party Tree. The scowling hobbit shortly replied that the ones who were “into that sort of thing” hung out at the local bar down the road.


The barkeep at the Bird and Baby Inn (what an odd name for a bar, at least to Aelerich) told him how friendly the Shire folks were, and that he would be warmly received. In fact, tonight happened to be Open-Mic night, just after sundown. “What luck!” the hobbit exclaimed. Aelerich seemed less enthusiastic at first, but he was starting to warm up to this comforting hobbit.


Aelerich, bolstered by the encouragement from the local barkeep, made the decision to give it a try. “I can do this! I can sing! Just like I did when I was a kid!”


Once on stage, Aelerich felt the adrenalin rush as he started to sing for his audience.


With a last burst of romanticism, Aelerich really poured it on as his completed his finale.


With eyes closed, Aelerich let out a dramatic sigh of contentment as he reached for the audience in a symbolic gesture, signifying that they were now connected somehow through his artistic singing. “I did it! I’m an artist… and these are my people… and I love them…”


With a sweeping gesture, and his eyes still closed to savour the moment, Aelerich takes his bow. The audience was awfully quiet though… he must have mesmerized them! “They must feel as I do…. so free… ohhh so free…..”


Once he straightened up from his bow, he finally looked at his audience… except… there wasn’t one. At least, not any more. “Where’d everybody go?”


“Seriously, where’d everybody go?”


Devastated, Aelerich tries to find consolation from one of the busboys as he was cleaning up. The busboy was trying to be helpful… “You could always take up an instrument. And while you’re getting good at it, I think we have openings for seasonal work while the festival is going on…”
Aelerich didn’t hear much of the hobbit’s advice, save for one part: “You could always take up an instrument…”

Chest : Jacket of Might, Ered Luin Blue Dye
Head: Tindr’s Ward, Ered Luin Blue Dye
Shoulders: Barrow-Scholar’s Shoulder Pads, Ered Luin Blue Dye
Hands: Quickpost Gloves, Ered Luin Blue Dye
Legs: Limdur Trousers, Ered Luin Blue Dye
Feet: Shoes of Might, Ered Luin Blue Dye
Back: Reveller’s Gilded Cloak, Ered Luin Blue Dye


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